To foreigners living in Meguro-ku

Meguro-ku and neighboring areas, so we actively invite participation in recycling activities.
Our company has foreign employees who can interpret.
Please do not hesitate to consult our company in case of any troubles. Foreign staff will support you.

Recycling activities

I am Thapa Gun Bahadur,working at Yugenkaisha Saikishoten,in charge of Sales of recycling recourses as well as interpreting our business to foreigners in Meguro area.
I visit local governmental offices and the region every day.The most exciting part of this job is that it is earth friendly business.Through my business I can feel that we are contributing to our society.It is always a hurdle to let people recognize the importance of recycling.
However once people listen to us,they become understanding of the necessity of recycling.As such it is rewarding job.We plan to extend our business in Asia by way of exporting and importing used materials.
For example,Japanese used paper and clothes are valuable recourses in Asian market.
Also used bicycles in the Philippines should be the business chance to us.
Threfore a foreigner in Japan such like me can play an active part in the recycling business.

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